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Ayubowan. Welcome to the land of serendipity. An island thrice blessed and famed from the times of Marco Polo for the richness of its produce, the fertility of its soil and the warmth of its people. As precious as the most rarest of pearls, this multicultural and multi-religious land is a pot pourrie of traditional art forms, local crafts, eclectic cultural experiences and exotic cuisine. Let us take you on a journey of discovery – off the beaten track to explore rarely seen and heard of treasures and adventures. Let us open your eyes out to the rich diversity that is Sri Lanka. From oceans filled with frolicking dolphins to nature parks where sloth bears and leopards roam, to thick forest filled with indigenous herbs and flora, to the high street shopping malls – there is not an area of this country we haven’t covered. And every one of the partners on our journey have been carefully and discerningly selected – as much for the uniqueness of the experience they offer, as for the trust we have placed in them, after careful whetting and stringent scrutiny. We are a collective of people, united in one mission; to share with you, and the world, an unforgettable encounter of the bounty and beauty of this island that we love so much – Sri Lanka.

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Travel Diaries to be treasured(treasured travels)

Whether you are a first timer or a seasoned traveler of Sri Lanka, we offer you a versatile selection of tour partners, handpicked to ensure that you get a tailor made itinerary that suits your unique set of interests, desired experiences and of course budget. Whether you are a wild life enthusiast, or eager to master a local craft, waiting to explore an ancient cities, want to learn how to cook a splendid sri Lankan curry or just want to sun bathe on a sun kissed beach, our specialists can organise every detail, from guides who will happily share with you the lore of the land in your own language, to arranging special dietary requirements to entertainment plans specially crafted to meet your individual tastes. From the homeliest of experiences, to the most exotic, we have a myriad of choices on offer for you, starting from as low as 10usd.

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Hospitality to be enjoyed(Heartfelt Hospitality)

Waterfalls cascading down emerald clothed mountains, wild life parks trimmed by golden beaches, rivers flowing lazily amid verdant tea and paddy plantations… this little island barely spanning 65000sq.km is blessed with so much natural beauty. And whether you are looking for a quiet time in a private boutique property, or prefer a world renowned luxury resort brand, or want to experience a cosy homestay in a typical Sri Lankan village, our accommodation options are carefully picked for their impeccable service and warm hospitality. We can also share with you the best places for you to eat – from little road side spots famed for local fare to high end restaurants offering gourmet fusion food. Though the flavor of authentic local food is not to be missed, there is hardly a cuisine you will miss in Sri Lanka – be it a typical English breakfast, to Italian, Chinese, Thai, Morroccan, Japanese, Vietnamese, German, French to Lebanese food. Download our app so that you can be alerted of the best culinary hotspots at your location.

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Strictly for Shopaholics (Splendid Shopping)

No trip is quite complete without atleast a token memento of your trip for yourself and your friends and family. And whether you want to shop for some of the best world renowned brands at unbelievably affordable prices, or your preference is to pick up something uniquely local, we know where to take you. From the local artisan himself, to boutique outlets, to high end shopping malls offering a range of local and international brands; from jewellery, tea, spices, art, semi precious stones, clothes, shoes, bags, to homeware; you just let us know what you are looking for and we will tell you just where to shop, to get what you want at the price you are will to pay for it.

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Experiences to be enjoyed(Enjoyable Experiences)

We have a famous local saying that encapsulates the spirit of our people. “Nawa gilunath bangchung”, translates as “even if the ship is sinking we party”. We Sri Lankans love to celebrate life. We love music, food and people. But how each one of us enjoys life is unique to each of us. Whether you are looking to experience a local art form or want to catch the latest Hollywood blockbuster, whether you want to dance with dolphins or kayak down white waters, whether you want to hike up bible rock or enjoy a pub crawl through the streets of Colombo, whether you want to refresh your sun salutation or want to just lose yourself in the best ayurvedic massage, whether you want to dance till dawn or just enjoy some jazz and beer on a Sunday afternoon, we know the places you need to see and the experiences that you wouldn’t want to miss.

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Top Deals for the Thrifty (Super Savings)

We Srilankans are a thrifty lot. And we appreciate the fact that everybody wants the best value for their money. If you don’t spend wisely, how do you save for your next experience. But how do you save without making the most of your current experience. Our Shop and Save deals were crafted to help you resolve this dilemma. We are constantly in touch with our partners to negotiate the best deals and savings for you. And with our app, which you really should download to make the most of your money, we keep you updated on the places offering the best savings for the stuff that interests and excites you. And when you turn up at the place of your choice and introduce yourself to our partners you will be made privy to the offers that will delight you to be Srilankaned.